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The Vanguard Website is further along than you may think, but it would benefit from a final creative/editorial push by a selected group of us.

Al Lasher and I spent a couple of hours this week mulling on what we need to launch the web site once and for all.

This morning I spoke to our contact at BC Commuter Dept. and asked for the steps to give us control of the web site so we can make quick responses to news, events, and so forth. That's now
in the works.

We want the web site up and running. A hunk of the web site is already in place, but it needs some additional ideas. We're also going to have a mailbox for Vanguardians that will function interactively.

Let's sit down and get it finalized. Al Lasher offers his place for a Sunday brunch. Good Zabar's stuff. Just a core group so that each one of us has one area of the web site to nourish.

If either Sunday is good for you - let us know so we have a choice. If only One Sunday is good, say so and we'll see what we can do.

But we'd love to see you all.

Herb Dorfman (for Alyosha).







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